Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Thanks for choosing the Mavis AI affiliate program!

By joining Mavis AI's affiliate partner program, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Coupon Deals

  1. Mavis AI does not offer coupons to any affiliates. You’re not allowed to promote the coupon. Affiliate sites cannot have “Click for (or to see) Deal/Coupon” or any variation when there are no coupons or deals available, and the click opens the Mavis AI website or sets a cookie. Affiliates with such text on the Mavis AI landing page will be removed from the program immediately.
  2. Affiliates may not bid on Mavis AI Coupons, Mavis AI Discounts, Mavis AI promoc codes, or other branded phrases implying coupons are available.
  3. Affiliates may not use misleading text on affiliate links, buttons, or images to imply anything besides currently authorized deals to the specific affiliate.

Independent Contractor

  1. Affiliates are independent contractors of Mavis AI. It is the express understanding and intention of the Parties that no relationship of master and servant nor principal and agent shall exist between Mavis AI and You by this Agreement. You have no right to act on behalf of or bind Mavis AI in any way nor share in the profits or losses of Mavis AI.
  2. The only compensation available to You is set forth in this Agreement. You are solely and exclusively responsible and liable for all of Your acts or omissions.


This Agreement and Mavis AI standard Terms of Service may be modified by Mavis AI at any time, with or without prior notice to You.


In the first week of every month, we aim to pay out all commissions for purchases that happened at least 30 days prior (in order to allow time for customer refunds). There is a $50 minimum payment threshold, and affiliates will only be paid when the total amount owed meets or exceeds this amount.

Commissions are only paid for purchases of Mavis AI’s Solo and Team plans. Any other purchases, as those are the only plans included in the affiliate program. All other purchases, such as enterprise plans that are negotiated with the clients affiliate program.

Commissions shall exclusively be disbursed in connection with payments for Mavis AI's Solo and Team subscription plans.  All other purchases, including but not limited to enterprise-level subscription arrangements negotiated directly with clients, are explicitly excluded from participation in the affiliate program.


  1. Self-referral is strictly prohibited. The aim of the program is to incentivize you to refer others. Please don’t consider this as a method of obtaining a discount on your Mavis AI account.
  2. Any commission earned on self-referral will be voided and lead to a cancellation of your affiliate account.

Inappropriate sites

  1. You cannot promote Mavis AI on any inappropriate websites or websites that contain defamatory/violent/adult/offensive content or websites that violate third-party rights or applicable laws.
  2. We request you to follow these guidelines in order to ensure a successful campaign.
  3. Mavis AI reserves the right to change any terms or conditions of the affiliate program at any time. These modifications may include changes in payment terms, commission schedules, and more.

for any queries feel free to reach out to [email protected]