Create more content in less time without compromising on quality, thanks to Mavis AI's powerful AI-driven capabilities.

1000+ Prompts

Save HOURS on figuring out the right prompt by using our per-selected prompts designed to achieve the best output.

100+ Writing Templates

Writing templates help you write copy for any use case. From ecommerce copywriting to ads, landing pages and more!

Long Form Content

Unlike other AI writers, Mavis can publish high quality long form content with over 2,000 words per article.


Supercharge your writing by using workflows, which combine multiple writing templates to speed up your writing.

Original News Writer

Give Mavis a topic and it will scan the web for the latest news around that topic and write an original news article about it.

Powerful Integrations

Mavis AI integrates with WordPress to enable one-click publishing. More integrations are coming soon!

30+ Languages

Mavis Chat is multi-lingual. Generate high quality content in over 30 languages including Japanese, French, Spanish, etc.


Add colleagues to your Mavis team and collaborate on projects. Team members can access the same features you can.


Use Mavis AI on your desktop or mobile devices. The new responsive design makes it easy to use anywhere.


NEW: AI Newsletter Writer

Mavis AI is the first AI writer that can take relevant news about any topic and turn it into an engaging roundup newsletter, like The Neuron, the Hustle, and other similar newsletters.

You can now start an AI, crypto or tech newsletter and write your emails in minutes, instead of hours! Give your readers an overview of the latest news around any topic.

Other use cases include: Sports news, tech news, science, entertainment, politics, gaming, and more.

News writer

NEW: AI News Writer

Mavis AI is also the first to launch a factual news writing feature. This is perfect not just for news outlets and publishers, but also affiliate bloggers that want to take their SEO and content creation to the next level.

By posting fresh, relevant news about your target keyword on a daily basis, you're likely to get more traffic to your site, and ultimately more conversions.

We are planning on releasing an SEO case study on this soon, so keep an eye out for the Mavis AI newsletter.

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